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All In One NEW UI Print Portal with Ayushman and Birth and Death!

What is Aadhaar print Portal?:

Aadhaar Print Portal is The Portal  Which Provide  Auto Download Using User Fingerprint and also You can Use varoius Services Like . Ayushman Printing Birth Certificate Apply Death Certificate Apply etc. 
It's Very Fast and Easy to Use 

Click the DEMO Button to See Demo.

Demo Link:

Demo Id is : ADMIN

Password Is : 12345678

Some useful features:

  1. interactive connectionA powerful Admin panel With  Free Aadhaar API
  2. html cleanerA powerful Retailer portal With Plan features
  3. Word to htmlAdmin Can create user  & user can Also register themself using registration page 
  4. replace textCustom Login & Registration  Page 
  5. gibberishUnlimited Point System Once user  recharged The Panel 
  6. html table divYour Own Domain Own
  7. * Aadhaar Card Printing 
    * Pan Card Printing 
    * Voter Card Printing 
    * Driving License Printing 
  8. ***** **** Admin panel  Functionality  list **** *****
    * Simple & Advance Menu's 
    * ****Menu List***
    * Dashboard*
    * ADMIN >>  ( For only Admin)
                1. Website Setting
                2. Log Report
                3. Entry Report
                4. Block PIN Wise
                5. Block City Wise
                6. Block IP Wise
                7. AADHAAR IP
    * MEMBERS >> ( For Only Admin)
                1. Add Members
                2. Members list
                3. POINT Transfer
                4. POINT Transfer list
                5. Point Debit
                6. Point Debit list
    * AADHAAR Advance >> 
                1. Advance AADHAAR 
                2. Advance AADHAAR 2 
                3. PRINT List
                4. AADHAAR MANUAL
                5. MANUAL list
    * VOTER PRINT >>>
                1. ECI VOTER
                2. VOTER LIST
    * PAN CARD PRO >> 
                1. MANUALLY PAN
                2. PAN List
    * DL SERVICES >> 
                1. DL INFO
                2. BIKE INFO
                1. RESIZING SOFTWARE
                1. WALLERT IN OUT List
                2. ACCOUNT SUMMMARY
    * DRIVERS >> (FOR ALL )
                1. MORPHO DRIVERS
                2. MANTRA DRIVERS
                3. STARTEK DRIVER
                4. COGENT DRIVER
                5. SECUGEN DRIVER
                6. ANY DESK 
                7. TEAM VIEWER
                8. MORPHO TESTER
    * LOGOUT * 
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What you WIll get:

Aadhaar Fingerprint PrintAvailable 
Aadhaar Manual PrintAvailable 
Voter card Auto PrintAvailable 
Voter Manual PrintAvailable 
Ayushman Auto PrintAvailable 
Admin PanelAvailable 
Own Branding And Own codeAvailable 
Birth Certificate ApplyAvailable 
Death Certificate ApplyAvailable 
User Self RegistrationAvailable 
Captcha System Available 
Clean databaseAvailable 
All State Voter card Print ServiceAvailable 
Phone Number DynamicAvailable
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